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Successful Engagements

CCSI handles diverse IT personnel needs by providing consultants with a wide range of skills. Our project managers ensure smooth progress toward completion. Here are a few of our successful engagements:

  • A team of CCSI programmers worked on maintenance to a COBOL mainframe legacy system, consisting of multiple small projects as needed by their client. This team worked from client interaction to determine requirements, through detail design, coding, quality assurance testing, and implementation. This team was so successful, the members all accepted positions with the company.

  • At a large bank, a team of CCSI consultants developed an interim reporting system in MS Access / VBA when a new system lacked the necessary reporting capability. The system, intended as an interim replacement, has now become a production system. CCSI consultants did the project planning, programming, testing and implementation in addition to managing the project. The system has been transitioned to SQL Server. And the project manager and two of his staff on the project have been hired by the bank.

  • At a software development company, CCSI Quality Assurance consultants have done product testing and managed the testing process. This is a cutting edge product, using Java, .NET, and Visual Studio and utilizing the Agile methodology. The QA team was crucial to the roll out of a new product.

  • A CCSI trainer has worked with a local agency to provide Crystal Reports training for their in house staff.  The training has been repeated four times with different audiences.

  • A team of CCSI quality assurance analysts has been engaged to test modifications to a case management system.  The whole team is using Agile / scrum as a development methodology for the enhancements.  The quality assurance analysts are participating in the two week Sprints.  The team is using TFS and SQL queries to verify test results.
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